1. Definitions:
1.1. Administrator – Fans on Map sp. z o.o., ul. Lindleya 16, 02-013 Warszawa, KRS: 0000632224, NIP: 7010604476, REGON: 365179016, email: info@fansonmap.com
1.2. Fans on Map – online social platform for football fans offering its users a virtual space for expressing support for their favorite football clubs.
1.3. User – everyone who is using Fans on Map platform
1.4. User Account – individual account created by User in order to use Fans on Map platform.
1.5. Terms of Service – terms of service of Fans on Map platform available on fansonmap.com
1.6. Privacy Policy – this privacy policy document.
2. General Provisions
2.1. This Privacy Policy sets out how personal data of Fans on Map User are processed.
2.2. The administrator of User’s data is Fans on Map sp. z o.o., ul. Lindleya 16, 02-013 Warszawa, KRS: 0000632224, NIP: 7010604476, REGON: 365179016, email: info@fansonmap.com
2.3. Providing User data is voluntary, however, providing some of the data is necessary to use Fans on Map. Data collection is performed, depending on the type of data, on the initiative of the User or automatically.
3. Data collected automatically and geolocation data
3.1. When you use Fans on Map we automatically collect demographic information and data on the use of the Fans on Map as well as geolocation data.
3.2. Data collected automatically and geolocation data are processed when User use service that require such data and to improve the quality of services, to analyze User behavior and to better adapt functionalities of Fans on Map to the needs of Users. Fans on Map informs the User on the scope of permissions during installation, allowing User to make consent for such permissions.
3.3. Data collected automatically are not personal data and do not allow unambiguous identification of the User. There is no possibility to access and change data collected automatically.
3.4. Fans on Map does not automatically store the history of a User’s location, location data are used when using Fans on Map. User at any time can completely disable geolocation services in the settings of his or her device. Disabling geolocation services will result in the inability to use the functionalities based on the location data.
3.5. Using some features of Fans on Map may involve transfer of data directly and data collection by other entities. Data processing by these entities occurs according to the rules laid down in respective privacy policies of these entities.
4. Data stored in the User’s device
4.1. In connection with the provision of the service Fans on Map stores the information in the User’s device and gain access to the information stored there.
4.2. Storing data in the device is carried out automatically in order to optimize the use of Fans on Map and to produce statistics on Users behavior.
4.3. Due to the nature of the technologies used, the User can not disable the option of adopting technologies to store information on the device and to access these information. User who does not want to allow to store information on the device should not install Fans on Map.
5. Fans on Map User’s data
5.1. In the registration process in Fans on Map, the Administrator may request to fill User’s personal data necessary for the proper operation of Fans on Map. The necessary data are: username, email address, password.
5.2. In order to use some functionalities of Fans on Map, User may be asked to provide other personal information, such as geolocation data.
6. Data collected for contact purposes
6.1. In case of contact between User and Administrator, the Administrator may require to provide basic information that will allow effective communication with the User.
6.2. The scope of the data necessary for effective communication, depending on the preferred channel of communication can include: User’s name and surname, email address or any other address that allows to communicate with User.
6.3. The data collected in order to contact with User will be used solely to enable efficient communication between the User and Administrator.
7. Data processing by Administrator
7.1. Personal data collected from the User are processed by the Administrator in accordance with the law, in particular in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data (Dz. U. of 2015. Item. 2135, as amended.) and the Act on Electronic Services (Dz. U . from 2002. No. 144, item. 1204, as amended.).
7.2. Personal data collected from the User are processed by the Administrator in order to provide services selected by the User (including the use of Fans on Map) and for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. In particular, with the consent of the User, the data can be used to present business information from the Administrator and third parties.
7.3. The Administrator guarantees the use of appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of personal information, in particular preventing unauthorized access to data and processing of data in violation of the law, as well as preventing data loss, damage or destruction.
7.4. The Administrator does not provide the collected User’s personal information to third parties. However the Administrator may share User data with third parties or state authorities acting under the provisions of the law requiring such disclosure to third parties and on the basis of a separate consent or at his request.
7.5. The Administrator provides service in cooperation with third parties acting on his behalf. Some of the entities cooperating with the Administrator may be located outside User’s country of residence and have different data protection standards. The Administrator has taken measures to ensure an adequate level of data protection in such circumstances. The list of entities cooperating with the Administrator is located at: www.fansonmap.com.
7.6. User’s personal data are processed by the Administrator for the period necessary to provide service (including the use of Fans on Map) or communication with the User and, in the case of paid services, claims limitation period.
8. User rights
8.1. The User have the right to access his or her data and correct them, add and delete.
8.2. The User is able to access and modify his or her data through Fans on Map functionalities.
8.3. If User delete the data necessary for the operation of Fans on Map, the User loses the ability to use Fans on Map.
9. Final provisions
9.1. If you have questions about this Privacy Policy and the processing of personal data by the Administrator, please contact us at: info@fansonmap.com .
9.2. This Privacy Policy shall enter into force on 10.10.2016.
9.3. The Administrator reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy. The User will be informed of the change via Fans on Map.

Revision of Privacy Policy of 10.10.2016. Privacy Policy can be downloaded for print purposes from fansonmap.com/en/pp website.

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