New interactive map of football fans

Football Fans on Map Project has started – football fans can now conquer territory for their teams on virtual map of football fans. The free mobile app allows users to add virtual football stickers and take over territory wherever they are currently located – e.g. on their way to work, on an away-game or even on holidays. Users can check where supporters of their team have been and who rules in the neighborhood.

Football Fans on Map is a totally new way to support your team using hi-tech location based service on your smartphone. It connects real life with virtual reality into augmented reality experience. Users compete with other football supporters – like a location based game – and take over territory from their opponents – other teams’ fans. Mobility, interactivity and possibility of competition are the features that make Football Fans on Map different from existing static approaches when it comes to creation of maps of supporters.

At the same time Football Fans on Map users can feel safe. They can stay anonymous if they want – without the risk of being attacked by other teams’ fans. Their location data are safe – no one can track them personally – they contribute to larger community of their team’s fans.

Football Fans on Map service support creativity and art of football fans by giving opportunity to upload photos and pictures as football stickers thereby moving traditional football stickers and graffiti to virtual reality.

“Application has been recently launched so the map is still pretty empty. We are hoping that in the near future it will gain more popularity and we will be able to see interesting statistics on maps of Europe or even whole world” – say creators of the application.

Now Football Fans on Map application is available in Google Play for Android smartphones. Soon there will be iOS version available for iPhone users.  More details can be found on project’s webpage

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Joanna Truszczyńska