Totally new way to support your football team.

Do you want to show your support to your favorite football team wherever you go? If your answer is yes then Football Fans on Map is perfect app for you. Check out features video below and download free mobile app!

About Football Fans on Map Project

Football Fans on Map is a new virtual map created specially for football fans. No matter if you attend football games only occasionally, you travel with your team and enjoy away days or you can call yourself ultras, tifos, hools or hooligans – Football Fans on Map Project is for you!

We want to co-create with a whole community of football fans a virtual map of football fans, where you can show support for your team and conquer territory for your team. We have prepared a free mobile app, which allows for the co-creation of this map by football fans. With this mobile app you can add a virtual sticker in the place where you are currently and capture this area for your team. The application has been launched recently, so the map is still quite empty. We want to engage as many football fans as possible. We’re inviting you to start with us and mark your location on this map. We hope that it would give us a nice picture of “who rules in what area”.

Please share it with football fans you know and tell us what we can improve. We hope that you will like it. Send us a feedback email or use feedback form on our webpage or in mobile app.

Fans on Map Team

Go Global

You can conquer territory for your team wherever you go – e.g. on away game or even on holidays.

Have Fun

You can compete with other football supporters – like a location based game – and take over territory from your opponents – fans of other teams.

Share It

You can share virtual map of football fans with your friends and show them where you supported your team.

Be Creative

You can create and upload your pictures as football stickers to show your creativity and gain recognition of your football art all over the world.

Be Safe

You can show support to your team wherever you are without the risk of being attacked by other teams’ fans.

Stay Anonymous

You can stay anonymous and your location data are safe – no one can track you personally – you contribute to larger community of your team’s fans.

Save Money

You don’t risk financial fines for posting paper stickers or graffiti in public places – you can move your football stickers and graffiti to virtual reality.

Use Technology

This is totally new way to support your team using hi-tech location based service on your smartphone. It connects real life with virtual reality into augmented reality experience.

Join vitual map for football fans project

Install free mobile app and show who rules in your neighborhood.


Here you will find mobile app tutorial where you can learn how to use our mobile app features.  

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